Hi! I'm Margaret, your Professional Organizer serving all of Connecticut. I grew up in the smallest but sweetest city in Connecticut and moved to the state's southeastern corner. I have been here most of my life and enjoy this scenic state.

My passion for organizing started very early. I grew up in a big family of six, so mess and chaos was a daily hassle. Somehow I found a nitch for organizing things around the home. I did not like that I could not find anything of mine, or when I was asked where something was, I did not know. That is when I started to imagine a system in each area of the home. Let's Unclutter The Little Things! Hmm.. let's put this here, and this there, and so on.

As an adult, I love working on a cluttered space and making it shine again. The best part is when I am done, and my clients cannot believe what just happened. Their expressions on their face say it all. Smiles! Smiles! I am passionate about making others calm and happy to live in their clutter-free spaces.

Bien Organized is not a simple task. This is where I come to the rescue. As a professional organizer, I will use a simple yet effective systematic approach to creating a comfortable and tidy space. These systems will help you and your family be more productive and restore a feeling of control. That is the philosophy! So results are simple; help gain more free time, enabling better functioning of the space and enhancing lifestyle. I will listen carefully, provide honest evaluations, and design organizing solutions. Each organizing project and solution are about your unique needs.    

When I am not busy organizing homes to their glamour, I like to spend time with my family, my puppy Cookie, checking out my favorite stores like Society6, Target, World Market, or The Container Store, and enjoying a hot cup of hazelnut coffee. Few of the things that warm my heart besides organizing. 






See the BIG picture

Helping you to discover your goals, values, and needs. Encouraging you to develop a plan to keep your new systems in order.     


Staying on track

Working with you to create a more efficient and productive space. Make adjustments to increase your productivity and focusing on the concept at hand.  


Seeing it through the end

Making sure each personal organizing process is not overwhelming. Not applying pressure to complete a project even when it's difficult. Guidance and recommendations that allow you to grow.  


More time and money 

Transitioning from clutter to clutter-free, you will have the possibility to have more time, more money, less stress, and less clutter. 


Check out these fantastic books on organizing your life. The first book I picked up was Spark Joy by Marie Kondo. This book opened up the organizing world to me. Why? Because I never understood why some keep old and unused things, why my clients hold on to their dear belongings even if it does not offer them use or happiness. I want to share some realistic goals and quotes from the book.

"There are only two choices: keep it or chuck it. And if you're going to keep it, make sure to take care of it."

If you have an item and you have no use for it or are uncertain what to do with it. Keep it but have a spot for it visible to you and take good care of it. You are keeping it for a reason. After some time, if you are not using it, it does not spark a smile, toss it. We make items more complicated than they are. Is it a precious memory or joyful object, or is it not—that simple.

"It's the moment when, after discarding everything but the things you love, you know that you have all you need to feel content."

I believe this is true for all of us. I am always on the hunt for new inspiring ideas, read anything and everything about organizing, write down all the to-dos, and think about redesigning organizing. From what I have learned, simplicity is the key—being in a state of peaceful happiness.

I hope you like these books; they are such great reads!

*Spark Joy by Marie Kondo                       

*The Joy of Less by Francine Jay                       

*The More of Less by Joshua Becker


As one of the most common health issues in the world today, anxiety is being called "the pest of our generation." It is always there in the background, aggravating and preventing from fully enjoying the present moment. The surroundings have much to do with these feelings of despair, especially in your own home where things collect, and clutter becomes a norm. Instead of accepting it for what it is, change it to a healthier result. Adopting a fresh lifestyle to decrease clutter can free those clouding thoughts. It starts with taking control to bring you joy. 

Another name for stress is clutter. When you have clutter around you, it gives subtle stress to your mind. You may believe it or not, but unorganized stuff always sends a message to your mind that implies stress. According to cognitive science, when eyes see a lot of litter a corollary mind has to process complex visuals. This ultimately makes you feel depressed and enervates your energy. With Bien Organized, a little help goes a long way.